共有知 (co-expertise)


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添付資料2:La communication en situation de post-accident nucléaire :
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I have a great difficulty to detached myself from your country, the situation in Fukushima and the Second Dialogue Meeting. There was nothing like this after the First Meeting last November and I try to understand why.

A big difference is I believe because I met all of you as well as Ms Ando and we shared information and thoughts going far beyond what has been presented and discussed during the Dialogue Meeting. This allows me to take another look at the situation. In a way I was feeling so far as a ferryman moving people from one bank of a large river to the opposite one. You were asking questions about ETHOS and I was trying to answer the best I could and sending you relevant material. Now this is something very different. Now I feel to be back on a path with travel companions and I know the path is made by walking. And it is difficult for me to stop my mind to think again and again about what I heard during all these days in Japan.  I have the presentiment that Ethos in Belarus was only a step on the road to a land still unknown to me.

One thing which is clearer now after the Date Dialogue Meeting is the difficulty for scientists and experts to hear the meaning of the concerns of people and their questioning. Many speakers and participants, and particularly experts, raised during the Meeting the issue of information/communication in the affected areas. They complained  about the difficulty to outreach people and to make them understood. But the classical position of experts is to consider that what is at stake is to teach people, to alphabetize them. By doing so they feel they are right because they promote universal and neutral propositions. If this is indeed true as regards the laws (physical, chemical, ..) that govern the phenomena, it is not at all true for the criteria and standards guiding actions that are constructed from these laws but also from social and ethical values ​​which mostly reflect socioeconomic compromises. This difficulty is in my view at present a real obstacle to overcome the distrust of the population and favor its engagement in the management of the situation. Despite the mobilization of considerable financial and technical resources the morale of the population does not follow. All the ingredients that we have known in Belarus are more or less present: distrust, feelings of abandonment, misunderstanding of the situation, feeling of loss of control … and also anger.

I know how hard it is for an expert to make a reversal to engage her/his expertise from the view point of the affected people. It took us a long time in the context of the ETHOS project to abandon our 'classical attitude' of experts and to engage ourselves in what we named a 'co-expertise' together with the population. However I think that Ethos in Fukushima could certainly play a key role in the coming months to accelerate awareness among the experts engaged in the restoration process and thus gaining precious months to improve the living conditions of the population. I do not speak here about the experts who are already engaged in Ethos in Fukushima who seems to be already on the right track but for all those who are advocating risk communication, literacy,…as a mean to overcome the present difficulties but find little resonance in the population.

You will find attached a paper I wrote a few years ago in which I tried to clarify the difference between what I call  the 'classical' scientific expertise, the pluralistic expertise and the co-expertise. The paper is in French but may be a translation in Japanese could help some experts to find their way. This is you to judge. I also attached a PPT presentation I made for the people in charge of communication in the French Ministries in case of crises using the ETHOS and CORE experience to illustrate the message. This is another way to look at the issue and this may talk more directly to some experts.

Have a nice week-end.

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