Fukushima Dialogue

ICRP Dialogue Seminar had put a period to its twelfth assembly with the workshop held on December 2015.

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However, it is not the end of everything.

"Fukushima Dialogue" is going to be continued on by the local people who was involved in the Dialogue Seminar.

The host organization would vary for every assembly, but the Dialogue will be held with the backup of the Nippon Foundation and with the cooperation of ICRP.

As same as past ICRP Dialogue Seminar, we Ethos in Fukushima will continue to publish provided materials from the host organization on our website.

The materials are the opinion of the host organization of each Fukushima Dialogue or of each participant, and not of Ethos in Fukushima.

福島ダイアログ Fukushima Dialogue
後援:日本財団 / Sponsored by the Nippon Foundation
協力:ICRP / Cooperation of ICRP

2016年3月12日・13日/12-13 March 2016
都路ダイアログ Miyakoji Dialogue

2016年7月9日・10日/9-10 July 2016
飯舘フォローアップダイアログセミナー Iitate Follow-up Dialogue Seminar
主催:飯舘フォローアップダイアログセミナー実行委員会 責任者:安東量子(福島のエートス)
Host: Executive Committee of Iitate Follow-up Dialogue Seminar / Responsible person: Ryoko Ando (Ethos in Fukushima)
飯舘村の今を、見る、聞く、話す、語りあう、未来をともに考える/To see, listen, talk and discuss the present of Iitate Village and think the future together

2016年10月1日・2日/1-2 October 2016
双葉地方におけるダイアログセミナー the dialogue "The rehabilitation of living conditions in the Futaba region"
川内ダイアログセミナー資料 the materials of Kawauchi Dialogue Seminar

2017年3月11日・12日/11-12 March 2017
双葉大熊ダイアログセミナー Futaba-Ohkuma Dialogue Seminar
Host: Futaba-Ohkuma Dialogue Organizing Committee
2017年3月11日12日 双葉大熊ダイアログセミナーご報告 Report of Futaba-Ohkuma Dialogue Seminar on 11-12 March 2017

2017年7月8日・9日/8-9 July 2017
伊達ダイアログセミナー Date Dialogue Seminar
Host: Date Dialogue Organizing Committee

2017年11月25日・26日/25-26 November 2017
山木屋ダイアログセミナー Yamakiya Dialogue Seminar
Host: Yamakiya Dialogue Organizing Committee

2018年2月10日・11日/10-11 February 2018
小高ダイアログセミナー Odaka Dialogue Seminar
Host: Minami-soma Dialogue Organizing Committee

2018年12月15日・16日/15-16 December 2018
福島ダイアログ「福島第一原発事故のあとで:記憶を残し、経験を共有し、あたらしい未来へ向かうために ~国際放射線防護委員会(ICRP)の協力による対話の継続〜」
Fukushima Dialogue "After Fukushima Nuclear accident: preserve memory, share experience and go toward the future Continuing the dialogue in cooperation with the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP)"

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